5 Best Sound Proofing Curtains For Your House(Buying Guide) 2021

Two or three years back, I moved to a condo in a bustling downtown territory. I was truly amped-up for the move, yet when I landed there I understood there was one thing I’d neglected to consider. I hadn’t understood how loud my new neighborhood would be and I know find some Sound Deadening Curtains for my house is very important.

If you are rushing for time, our recommendation for the best sound proofing curtains is the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels which is thick for sound absorgint, block out alot of light, and is flame resistant.

Individuals were always cruising by, kids were shouting amid the day, and the consistent traffic noise amid the night was deplorable. I figured I may become accustomed to it, yet it simply wasn’t working.

The steady commotion was making it difficult to focus on and corrupting the nature of my rest. My work endured, and I was always apprehensive. That is the point at which I understood I have to deal with outside noises.

If you are looking to buy and install soundproof curtains, then I’m certain that there is plenty for you to learn here on how to get a little extra peace and quiet.


Best Sound Proofing Curtains 2021 (Top 5 Picks)

Getting sound deadening sheets can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, I found a superior arrangement. The Soundproof (acoustic) curtains, even the best ones, are moderate and fantastically simple to install. The best part is that they really diminished the noise significantly.

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels (Best Overall)

Best Soundproof Curtains 2021

Nicetown Blackout Curtain Panels are immaculate in case you’re searching for economical sound-absorbing curtains. They also make sure that your house is free from noise and echoes, so you can get the serene rest you merit.

These curtains are thick with extra fibers and unquestionably keep light out of the house, which is sensible given that you generally get diverted by the light getting through the window.

They are incredible power outage window ornaments that will without a doubt square 80-90% of undesired light. If you might want to coordinate the color of your sound absorbing curtain to your interior design, well these are for you!

Nicetown Blackout Curtains arrive in an assortment of colors which gives you the choice to pick the best shading that will diminish noise and also shut out light yet in addition it is going to mix well with home’s interior design.

It accompanies quality sound absorbing texture which will shut out undesirable noise and what I disdain about them is the measure of insulation contained in them which ultimately saves you energy, they incorporate keen energy innovation that will save you between 15-25% of intensity because of the capacity to hide away the warmth and keep wherever hotter.

VERSAILTEX Premium Blackout Curtains(Best Budget)

Searching for quality noise absorbing curtains?

All things considered, you have gotten yourself one with Versailtex Premium Blackout curtains which are structured in view of the most elevated quality. These curtains are extraordinary if you are searching for higher quality, that will limit boisterous outside noise and that blocks 99% of the daylight and any outer light.

You first feel the nature of window curtains in the delicate and ultra smooth texture used, which is safely worked with astounding, solidness, and delicacy as the main priority. The decoration is extremely straightforward but then amazingly excellent.

The size is intended for enormous windows (meets my criteria for covering a substantial territory for best outcomes) they are made to cover a huge zone which will moreover limit noise and lessening any lighting from entering your home.

Versialtex is produced using superb microfibre texture. These draperies accompany an 8-year quality guarantee and a 30 days MBG if you are not fulfilled but rather I unquestionably doubt you will be.

Versialtex is overwhelming, they weigh 4.6 pounds, and as you review prior I referenced the significance of how much a window ornament gauge, the heavier the drapery, the better.

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Grommet Curtains

If you need a soundproof curtain that brings energy, style, and class to your room, try the Sun Zero Barrow Room curtain. It comes with a woven solid design which is elegant and classy. It also reduces the intensity and amount of sun that enters your home.

Sun employs the technology of light material which reduces light and darkens the room. With these materials, you enjoy solid privacy in the comfort of your room.

These curtains have been tested for efficiency and proven to be effective as they have been tested in the Lab via various method to ensure that users get the best.

The room darkening panels also provide a barrier to light which darkens the room. These curtains also help reduce noise as they have been tested through the Energy Efficiency test which performed as expected.

This classy cotton comes in simple yet classy designs which are pretty easy to hang. They serve as a good decoration option and also keep sound and light away from your room. Hence, you get a cool room in the summer and a warm room in the winter.

Deconovo Blackout Curtains

Searching for rich best sound deadening curtains that will not only diminish noise yet, in addition, but also keep the interior house dark. Deconovo Blackout Curtains is your choice. Deconovo Blackout drapes are impeccable in case you love great designs.

Apart from the fact that they are large, A drape is adequate to shut out noise just as keep your room sufficiently dull even toward the evening.

With a measurement of 100 x 95 (inches), this large curtain is similarly as big as a twofold window ornament and works superbly also, What I like about Deconovo is that due to being a particular drape, there are fewer holes for light to exploit. as big as a twofold window ornament and works superbly also, What I like about Deconovo is that due to being a particular drape, there are fewer holes for light to exploit.

If you favor certain colors in window ornaments, you will be inconceivably happy to realize that Deconovo curtains come in a wide range of colors that includes orange, blue or chocolate allowing you the chance to pick the best color for your home.

They contain warm protection security is which will drastically help you, particularly in winter since they will retain the warmth amid the day and warm the room during the evening. They are actually delicate and thick which will help with diminishing outside noise.

Brilliant Fabric is utilized, and they are launderable which is an incredible plus. When purchasing these drapery colors, I prescribe buying darker colors which will square light from coming inside the house.

One thing that I truly like about Deconovo draperies is they are sufficiently stylish to introduce them anyplace you need without agonizing over how they will look. The material utilized is of high caliber, and the way that you can wash them and furthermore iron them makes them all the more engaging.

Sideli Solid Rod Heavy Velvet Curtains

Sideli Solid pole window ornaments are produced using velvet material which is necessary for making sound deadening curtains. They are staggeringly lovely and extremely economical.

It is made using velvet which contains miniaturized scale strands which are known for reducing outside noise and hindering the outside light from coming through.

Because of the material utilized, they won’t just calm your home yet will without a doubt block over 90% of the light originating from outside, keeping the house tranquil and darker.

What I truly like about Sideli Solid sound absorbing window ornaments is the number of accessible alternatives with respect to configuration, color, and size.

They come in different colors and sizes enabling you to pick the best stable blocking wraps that suit your requirements and mixes well with your interior design.

The window ornament texture is actually delicate and overwhelming and the shades slick and fit well with the cutting edge structure. These are great in case you can’t bear the cost of different ones yet the main issue the vast majority find about these draperies is they are somewhat lighter.

Another beneficial thing about them is they are washable which will dependably keep your home perfect and delightful.

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How to Choose the Best Soundproof Curtains Guide

Normally you buy curtains that match the size of your window, but this is not the case with sound reducing curtains.

In this case,  you will have to ensure that there is no room for airflow and penetration.


You had to measure the window frame with a measuring tape to get the dimensional measurements. Subsequently, you use the information to determine the width and length of the curtains that can effectively cover your window to achieve maximum soundproof.

You aim to cover as much surface area around your window as possible to optimize the sealing effect caused by the curtain folds around the sides. Do note that the width of your soundproofing curtains ought to be three times wider than my window.

And in terms of length, the curtain should be able to provide coverage from the ceiling to the floor. Most curtains usually come in two panels.

Heading Style

You are not limited to this heading style and can choose the one that you prefer. However, the rule is not to create gaps where air can pass. If you still feel that you need to use a grommet, rings, eyelets, Tie Top, pleat or tab top heading styles, then it would be better if you did finishing with a soundproof pelmet.

Some curtains retract by sliding or by rolling up.  Most soundproofing curtains that roll up come with built-in straps that allow you to be held upwards. If you happen to use curtains with grommet, then you will need industrial hooks, which need to be nailed on your wall.

On the other hand, if your wish is to have the curtains retract by sliding to the side, then you will need a sturdy curtain track systems to hold them in place.

If you wish to open your soundproof curtains from both sides, then you need one with two panels. Since I did not want to create gaps on my noise reducing curtains that may allow sound to pass, I went with the rod or pole pocket heading style.

Although the style has difficulty in sliding the curtains open, it is effective in blocking sound.

Curtain Rod

As for the curtain rod, you may want to look for something that can hold the weight of the soundproof curtains.

The rod should also be fixed on the wall in such a way that it does not leave any gaps when you hang your curtain.If you choose to add more layers of curtains than you will need a double curtain rod.

You can use ceiling mount curtain brackets to hang your curtain rod which brings the curtain much closer to the ceiling to help block more sound.

Things to Consider before Buying Soundproof Curtains

Having a quiet and peaceful room is second to none. You will be able to read, relax, and have a meaningful conversation with yourself and household. However, you cannot always control the noise coming from others, especially your neighbors. And if you live beside a busy street, market or a school, this can get pretty frustrating.

Hence, it is not abnormal for people to want to look for ways to soundproof their room. Using a soundproof curtain is one of the many ways to make this happen.

However, as someone who knows nothing about the soundproof curtain, how do you go about it?

There are many soundproof curtains out there. Many people do go for a soundproof curtain with blackout fabric due to their ability to keep light from entering the room and keep the room warm. These types of curtains usually come as insulated or blackout curtain.

However, one thing you should have in mind is that curtains that help to block light, sound, and heat do have common properties.

They are usually pretty dense and thick. They are usually bigger than the window to ensure they serve the entire length and breadth of the window. This will ensure the curtain have pleat which blocks out incoming sound. Also, they are made from a material called velvet – a material that is known to block out heat, sound, and light.

If you want to buy a curtain to soundproof your room, it is essential to keep the following in mind:

soundproof curtainsAbility to Protect from Direct Sunlight

You should check whether the noise curtains are so thick that they can be effectively used against external light. Regular curtains often do not do that.

If you do not have shutters by the window, you will appreciate the possibility to darken the room. For example, to sleep or to watch TV.

soundproof curtainsCurtain weight

Anything heavy is known to keep the excess sound off, hence, dense material does weigh a lot. One of the things you should look out for in a soundproof curtain is the weight.

A soundproof curtain is usually heavy because they are made from heavy and dense materials. They also have more fibers which are useful to absorb and reflect sound.

Heavy curtains are usually used as an insulated curtain. This explains why they are thicker. This is something you should go for if you want to reduce low-frequency sound like that of passing traffic from coming into your room.

The weight of a curtain is usually a factor of the size. Although, for a standard soundproof curtain, it should be above 2 pounds or 0.9 kg. Have in mind that you need a strong curtain rail to hold the curtain securely.

Best soundproof curtainsThe environment

You should also look out for the environment when purchasing sound curtains.

Does the sunshine directly into the room in the summer?

Buying a thicker curtain with noise protection and appropriate characteristics and also help to reduce the room temperature.

In winter, these curtains can also protect against cold and provide better insulation in front of the window. This is not only pleasant but can also save heating costs.

Be careful when choosing colors!

The definition of the color of the curtain and blind is something personal that can vary according to the taste of each one. However, to make the right choice, it is necessary to analyze the general environment carefully.

Soundproof curtains can also reduce the reverberation time in the room. This contributes to better room acoustics.

acoustic curtainsPracticality for cleaning

Another important point when buying a curtain is to observe the practicality to clean them or wash them. As they will be close to the windows, contact with dust and external pollution will be unavoidable. This will require frequent cleaning.

Light fabrics like voile and silk, for example, are not difficult to clean, but can not go to the washing machine. But the twill, much used for soundproof, is a heavier fabric but can go to the washing machine.

acoustic curtainsParts & Material

While there is nothing that can really absorb sound, what I have these days are materials that deaden sound. They might not really block out the sound completely, but they are good at reducing reverberation hence, minimizing sound transfer.

Soundproof materials that block out the sound are usually made of materials that trap a little pocket of air inside them.

There is a multitude of certain materials. To choose the ideal, you need to evaluate your goal. The natural luminosity interferes in the environment, bet in the blackout, indicated for rooms and TV rooms. For the living room, the light and sophisticated fabrics are perfect, like silk, linen, and voile.

It is widely known that density blocks sound. Hence, heavy materials have high density. When you want to purchase soundproof curtains, check out the weight of the curtain, which prevents a lot of noise of disturbance & low-frequency noise.

Some noise reducing curtains have extra layers, such as blackout liners, curtain liners or window liners which enhances noise reduction.

In addition, choose the fabric according to the desired decorative effect, whether to conceal the light in the room or not, etc. … If you have a doubt about the color or the material, take a sample in a shop and put it on the furniture from your room to do a live test.

Also, pre-measure your installation to be sure to buy the necessary amount of fabric for your curtain. To have the right size and the desired effect (curtain pleated or straight), count two to three times the width of the rod.


The size of a curtain is very important to its ability to keep sound away. When it comes to soundproof curtain, the bigger the curtain size, the better the ability to keep sound away.

✔ Curtain Length: It is always good to get a soundproof curtain that is 10 inches or 30cm longer than the window length.

With this, they can drape on the floor, which stops sound from escaping inside via the air beneath your curtain.

If you don’t mind, I recommend getting soundproof curtains that are long enough to hang from the ceiling to the floor. It has a great capacity to trap sound and keep noise out.

✔ Curtain Width: Just like the length, the curtain should be really wide. In fact, it is recommended that the ideal width for a soundproof curtain is three times the actual width of your window.

While this seems extreme, the excess width gives your curtain enough pleats. This helps trap incoming sound waves.

Curtain Mount and Rods

To maximize the sound blocking potential of your soundproof curtain, I advise that you get the right curtain rod and mount.

In getting a curtain rod, two things are essential: the ability to give enough support to the weight of your curtain and keeps the curtain very close to the window so the gap is minimal.

do soundproof curtains workSpace

Before visiting the stores, measure the spaces where the curtains will be installed.

First, measure the window and add about 20 centimetres to each side. Then it is essential to measure the height from the floor to the ceiling if you intend to use it that way.

The ideal size is close to the floor, only 1 centimeter away.

For systematic soundproofing, it is recommended that walls or ceilings be covered with flexible materials, such as plasterboard. You should also note that having the right curtain rods goes a long way in helping curtains prevent noise.

Questions when considering the structure of your room or house

  • You are the owner or the tenant? Can you make holes in the walls?
  • How is the room decorated? Are there ceiling moldings?
  • Moldings in the window frame?
  • How much does the space between the window and the ceiling measure?

The answers to these questions will allow you to make your choices according to what will follow.

What Is the Difference Between Sound Absorption and Soundproofing?

I have come learn that when soundproofing a room, the most readily available solution is sound absorption.  Sound absorbing material plays a vital role in the insulation of a room.

They help prevent air trapped between the window pane and the curtain from resonating thus amplifying the sound.

Cotton fabrics are good sound absorption material, and this explains why some panels are made of recycled cotton.

The effect of sound absorption in soundproof curtains is two times higher than that of ordinary one-layer of curtains.

Importance of Thickness and Material

The thickness and weight of soundproof drapes ( Curtains) are imperative elements to consider as they decide how powerful the curtains will be.

If you are not kidding about soundproofing your home, you ought to go for heavier window ornaments. Once more, the heavier and thicker the drapery, the higher the rate of sound absorption you will get.

The weight and thickness of the curtains are imperative on the grounds that thicker window ornaments assimilate and reduce sound much superior to lighter and more slender ones.

For better solid reduction, you can twofold or even triple the layers of the curtains. Take care, however: don’t hang your window ornaments without anyone else. Since they are extremely overwhelming, you should request that somebody help you so as to hang them securely.

Layered curtains come with different labels such as thermal insulated, therma-black, therma-weave, therma-layer, and among others.

If you are familiar with curtains, you will agree with me that they are available in the following materials.

  • Velvet
  • Poly velvet
  • Suede
  • Polyester

However, insulation in curtains is normally achieved by layering using quilted fiberglass or mineral wool.

Worrying about Design & Style?

You do not have to be ignorant about style. The aim of getting a curtain should also be able to add a punch of contrast and liven up the room.  The great thing is that most curtain manufacturers provide multiple color options.

You can go with an interesting pattern that adds originality and personality to your room. If you are using the curtains for your bedroom, the blackout style will do best for you.

I customized and designed the soundproof curtain to match the décor of my rooms. There is a range of colors that you can use on your acoustical curtains that will blend in with the surroundings or your décor.

Black color has a theatrical application, while white color has a cooling effect for room temperature.

Soundproof Curtain

A Bit about Industrial Soundproof (Acoustic) Curtains

If you happen to be experiencing high levels of commercial noise, then I would recommend industrial acoustic curtains.

They are designed with a special material to maintain noise levels below 85 decibels. They work as an effective sound barrier and can deaden harmful noise.

Most of the industrial sound deadening curtains use the track-mounted roller system for easy installation and use. The design of the curtain may consist of layers of coated vinyl, quilted fiberglass, soundproof, mass-loaded vinyl and among other noise barrier material.

Most industrial soundproof curtains sellers allow you to customize your designs, which is just awesome for various applications. Industrial soundproof curtains are not only effective, but they also provide a flexible solution to noise mitigation.

These curtains have multiple curved surfaces that work to redirect sound waves, thanks to the quilted fiberglass material.

The industrial soundproof curtains are thick and heavy drapery, so you need heavy-duty frames or tracking systems to support their weight.

In terms of flexibility, you are limited to sliding as the curtains are semi-rigid in nature which provides resistance to folding or bunching.

How to Install Your Sound Deadening Curtains

When installing your curtain, you need the right hardware which will not leave behind any traces when removed. Hanging your soundproof curtains is a quick fix, you will need first to fix the rod.

At first, I had to make straight and symmetrical markings on the walls where each ceiling-mount curtain rod bracket will be mounted.

I had to install anchors to make the brackets sturdy enough to hold the heavy curtains.

I used my power drill to screw the anchors into the wall. After fixing the bracket, I slid the acoustic curtains into the curtain rod and then mounted the rod into the brackets.

You need to make sure that the screw located on each ceiling-mount bracket is tight enough.

Some of the curtain sellers allow you to design a curtain that fits your home needs, which is quite helpful and can be costly. For maximum effect, you may like to consider hanging the curtains from ceiling to floor

After the installation, I found out that the soundproof curtains provide effective noise relief without the need for costly renovations.

However, what matters most about acoustic curtains is the material used in the core and its thickness.

Can Noise Reducing Curtains (Soundproof Curtains) Help with Sound?

You might be wondering whether Soundproof curtains really work or not.

The answer is ” YES”

By using soundproof curtains, you can only reduce some noise but cannot entirely block inside and outside noise.

If your curtain is not thick enough, you may still hear your air conditioning unit or birds right outside your room. They are estimated to reduce about 40 decibels of sound.

Acoustic curtains are known to reduce echoes, but a bit of creativity working with them will give you a better soundproof solution.

Absorption is a part and parcel technique of soundproofing, but you need to combine it with other sound blocking to make it efficient.

Soundproofing curtains are usually made thick to help reduce echo from the sounds inside a room. Besides blocking light and reducing distraction, at home or in the office, they can help you develop and maintain focus.

Are Soundproof Curtains Effective?


After hanging my soundproof curtains, I tested them and discovered that they do a good job of reducing echo and dampening reflections in my room.

They are not the best sound blockers, but they are more recommendable for deadening sound in a room.

Therefore, the curtain solution works best as an affordable improvement in sound reduction.

The only determinant of the effectiveness of soundproofing curtains is through Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings.

This means an acoustic curtain of 0.95 NRC rating suggests that it can absorb 95 percent of the sound in the space and reflects the other 5 percent.

Most manufacturers use powerful sound blocking lining to boost the STC rating, sound blocking capability.

Wrapping Up

You can achieve efficient sound insulation by installing industrial soundproofing curtains or mounting a flexible window panel treated with a sound-blocking material. Whichever of the two you find affordable you can use it for your room.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, that can make a significant improvement in quieting your environment, then soundproof curtains will work for you.

Soundproof curtains alone may not be efficient; so you are free to combine them with liner curtains or a true soundproof window.

Besides absorbing and blocking sound, soundproofing curtains are also good at blocking light and creating a thermal effect.

Therefore, you do not have to be skeptical about curtains and sound reduction. What you need to keep in mind is the amount of inside and outside noise you want to reduce.

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Good Luck and I hope this helps!

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