6 of The Quietest Hair Dryers with Diffusers 

Hairdryers can play a vital part for a lot of people in their daily lives and in the process of grooming. But have you ever stopped to think about this one device that you have been using to dry your hair every couple of days?

If you are happy with your current one, that’s brilliant – congratulations! But if you are looking for nicer one, and not just any type but one that is quiet and has a diffuser, perhaps because you live in an apartment block and do not want to disturb your neighbours or simply because when you wake up in those early hours of the morning you do not want to disturb everyone else in the house that is still asleep.

Perhaps you just value your hearing a lot more than the next guy. Whatever your reasons are, look no further than the list of the top 6 options for the quietest hair dryers with diffusers, that we have found for you, so you don’t need to.

1. QGY-CFJ 1600W Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator

This cute and compact little device can be deceiving to the eyes, as it packs quite a punch with its 2400W power! Not only is it professional, unique and intelligent but it also has a sensor control touch function and is used in most professional hairdressing salons around the world.

Yes, this beauty has travelled quite a bit and has been the approved choice of many expert hairstylists worldwide. Bring your salon home with this intelligent technology.

Some of its exceptional features range from:

  • A Blue LED Light to indicate hot wind and a white LED Light to indicate cold air.
  • You have a choice of 6 different speeds to choose from.
  • Alternate between cold and hot air.
  • Comes with a diffuser and concentrator for focus on specific parts of the hair.
  • Comes in three colours – Red, White and Grey to suit your personality or mood (or bedroom interiors).
  • The QGY-CFJ 1600Wsensor works on all three sides – intelligent indeed.
  • It has an over-heating safety function at its highest adjustment, it reaches 57 degrees Celsius and adjusts itself back to normal temperature within 5 seconds flat. This is so you do not burn your scalp.
  • It has a Negative Ionic concentration that reaches several levels of up to 3.5 million/cm.
  • Neutralises static electricity and tames both frizzy and flyaway hair at in one seating.
  • It repairs damaged hair and locks in moisture too.

2. Twin Turbo Professional Lightweight and Quiet Ceramic Ionic

This is one of those must-have gadgets for your bedroom or to take on holiday with you. Not only does it look sleep but it also comes in two exquisite colours – Purple and Red, with a glossy finish to its ceramic exterior. One would think you were buying a sports car! It has a light-weight design, that’s easy to hold for long periods without hurting your wrist or arm.

It has 2200 Watts of drying power in it, perfect for any type of hair. Not to mention it can last up to 2500 hours guaranteed. A very professional device also used in some salons. With a narrow nozzle to concentrate on all the right areas and not waste any dry air on the surroundings. It is quiet when in operation and has a long enough cord to be across any sized room and can stretch lengths of up to 9 feet.

And if you’re looking for a few different speeds to choose from, this Twin Turbo is your go-to with a choice of 6-different speeds from low to high and highest including an option of a shot of cold blast. We have saved the best for last – it is non-slip, and so will not fall and break very easily either! Sounds like the perfect option to go for. 

3. BFF Blow-dryer Lightweight and Quiet

This hair dryer has one of the best designs we have seen recently. It comes with 2 attachments, including opposite collapsible a diffuser and concentrator made for those who don’t want to lose their curls and instead enhance them even more, which when hooked on looks like the ultimate professional machine that will get the job done. No-fuss. Your locks will thank you in the end.

Put together meticulously, it has a light-weight design that fits into any hand, small or big and can be used for long periods without getting your arm tired. After drying your hair with hot air, you have an option of a cold air blast to finish it off and keep that volume in your hair all day long. It can transform straight hair into curly and vice versa.

They call it the BFF Blow-dryer for a reason – This device comes with a lifetime guarantee for customer satisfaction – if you do not like the look of your hair when done blow drying it, the sellers will give you a full refund back. They are that confident you will enjoy the experience and never go back.

It is Tourmaline-infused and has a few cute colours to choose from including – Charcoal, Purple, Teal and Pink to suit your mood or personality. It protects your hair from heat-damage and with a little bit of practice, you can turn your straight hair into curly locks in no time. Perfect to take with you on holiday too. We think this one is a winner BFF for you!

4. FHI Heat Platform Nano Weight Pro 1900 Turbo Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

It doesn’t get better than this. Why settle for less when you can have the best and for a reasonable price too? It’s a win-win for both you and your wallet.

This FHI 1900 Tourmaline Dryer has single-click locking cool shot button. All you need to do to operate it is click once to engage the cool shot feature and then click again to disengage it. The shot button locks in when pressed so you do not need to hold it down continuously.

The purchase comes with a few different such as a comb, a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle all included in the Platform 1900 Nano hair dryer package, and if you want additional attachments too, you can find them all on the manufacturer’s website under a search for – FHI Heat corporate website.  It has a rounded airhole vent that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Made with Tourmaline interior and a ceramic exterior, this is a professional hairdryer, so be careful when using it as you may just end up looking like a celebrity when you’re done with it! it has 3 heat settings and 2 air settings and has been made keeping its users in mind ergonomically – weighing at only 2.5 pounds it is feather-light with a powerful DC motor. Seals in moisture with negative ions and has an even air-flow with a cord that can extend to 12 ft.

5. Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

The demand for this hairdryer is so large that they run out of stock regularly, so if you want one, you should grab it now before that happens again. The Elchim is made for hair. Its simple yet powerful and affordable – a three-in-one opportunity. It comes in three colours, pure black, red and black, and pure white. To suit your mood or your bedroom interiors.

Easy to clean by removing the air filter while it twists off as you rotate to a 45-degree angle, it lifts off easily. Same to replace it – align it and push it back in. it has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and if anything stops functioning you can easily send it to their fixing centre where they will repair for you for free. However, that’s a very rare circumstance for this simple beauty.

You can choose between cool, warm and hot air adjustments and the level of power between high and low, and comes with a concentrator attachment. It is a very strong device than even when dropped will not break easily. Not only does it dry your hair thoroughly within no time, but it also leaves it a lot shinier and in a healthier condition than most other dryers that leave your hair frizzy and dry or damaged after a few uses. Not with this one – You may just fall in love with it! 

6. Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care EH-NA5A-W 100-120V/200-240V White

This brand of technology has always won the race every year with all its various expertise, including this little equipment right here. You can never go wrong with a world-famous name such as Panasonic. After all, they have been around for decades and still going strong.

Speaking of strong – this Panasonic Hair Dryer has had rave reviews from a lot it’s users. Built-in ‘NanoE’ technology helps lock in moisture in your hair as opposed to leaving it dry and frizzy like a lot of the other dryers do. It adds more moisture to your hair as opposed to leaving it with less. Has a quick-drying function and is simple to use with an easy switching function between a lower 120 Volts or air and a higher 200-240 volts of air. With the dual voltage, it gets up to 1400 Watts with powerful hot and cold options.

Weighing only 1.2 pounds it is as lightweight as any dryer can get, which means you can use it for a prolonged session without getting tired of holding it! A lot of users have confessed that even having other fancier dryers to choose from, they will still go back to this one because it leaves their hair a lot silkier and without any tangles – you can smooth your fingers through your hair without any difficulty.

It is also a quiet dryer so you don’t need to wake up the neighbours. Plus, it is foldable – so you can save space in your drawer or luggage compartment. It is so safe to use that you can even use it for your dog, after bathing it. You must try it out to believe its popularity.

Drumrolls on the best Quietest Hair Dryers with Diffusers 

Based on our above research and real user reviews, our no1 recommendation would be the Twin Turbo Professional Lightweight which is lightweight and easy to bring out during short travels. Our alternative recommendation would be the QGY-CFJ Hairdryer for its unique design and temperature sensor function

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