Best Quiet Lawn Mowers For Large Yards 2021

Quiet lawn mowers are the most sought after for many reasons.

They do more than trimming the grasses.

Though everyone loves to have a lawn that is clean and well-pruned, quiet lawn mowers ensure that the process is performed with a low level of noise. However, which one should you choose?

I’ve got five options which are pretty the coolest you can get. They are chosen based on essential factors. Noteworthy, aside reduction in noise level, mowers should be easy to maintain. If you want the best lawn mowers, you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

Also, if you choose from the five options I will review in this post, many things will happen.

The environment will be at peace when you start cutting; i.e., noise and air pollutants are not produced. Also, you will enjoy the machine for an extended period.

But there’s a catch.

Firstly, you need to know the various types of lawn mowers. This will help in making the right choice because what works for Mr Simon with a small lawn will not be the best for Mrs Parker, who is planning to work on a football field.

Also, the size of the machine matters but size is not as important as the source of power and the engine in the silent lawn mower.

Let’s get started.

Best Quiet Lawn Mowers

Why Are Lawn Mowers So Loud

Lawnmowers are loud. Some are extremely loud. They are loud because they are machines with powerful blades, rotor and other features which are meant to rotate. How does this fact relate to loudness?

Remember that noise is a result of the vibration of air. So when these blades rotate, the engine that powers it produces noise and air movement is generated which add to the noise level. In other words, a sound wave is created when the machine starts working.

So what can be done?

To reduce the generated noise, manufacturers have designed small mufflers inside some of the lawn mowers. These work to some extents, but because of the small size of the mufflers (or their complete absence), there is still some level of noise.

Another idea would be to increase the size of the mufflers. However, this will affect the cost of the machine so much that machines with small mufflers or none at all will be preferred.

Nevertheless, some level of noise is expected for safety. When you are using your machine, it should give out a level of noise to tell you and those around that the machine is working already. This will warn you and those around (especially the younger ones) to stay away from the powerful blades that could cause serious injuries.

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What Are The Different Types Of Lawn Mowers?

The different types of mowers are distinct for various reasons including the source of energy, the method of operation, the size etc. Here are five of the different types.

(Note that some mowers can fall into two classes at the same time. For instance, a walk in behind lawn mower can also be an electric mower.)

Push Reel Lawn Mowers

This is an old type of mower which works when pushed. About five to eight blades are wound to form a whorl. The blades spin with the aid of a gear, slicing off grasses into a fine and trimmed surface.

This type, though comfortable and straightforward to use, can not be used in a large area of land where much work is to be carried out. It works on the human efforts put into pushing the machine; when the machine isn’t pushed, it won’t work. Also, it is not easy to use on rough and uneven surfaces.

Walk Behind Power Mowers

This is the most popular of them all. It can be the reel or rotary, and either electricity or gas can power it.

The rotary is common than the reel type because it is easier to maintain, and the cost is more affordable. The rotary type is also more suitable to use on tall weeds and grasses. The mower, when powered by electricity, can be corded or cordless.

The corded has a cord and is connected directly to a source of electricity while in use; the cordless, on the other hand, is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Riding Lawn Mowers

Because of the tiring effort required to push around manual mowers, the riding mower is made to be driven around the area where it is used. They are like small tractors. They are best for large tracts of land (think of a football field or a park).

Usually, they are made to be a manual transmission, only a few of the type being the hydrostatic transmission. The latter is more expensive than the former, but the hydrostatic transmission is more powerful and easier to manage.

There is a third option under this type, the electric powered, which is the least common

Robotic Mowers

This powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which makes them work without human supervision. The area to be mowed will be defined with a fence of wire or wall, and then the machine will be turned on and allowed to wander in that defined space.

The mower will work within the border, cutting the grasses as it wanders, and at times locating the spot used as the recharging block.

Electric Mowers

This type of mower is powered by electricity, and they could have cords or not. Rechargeable batteries power those without wires; the batteries can last for about 30 or 70 minutes, depending on the manufacturer. Those with cords are connected directly to a source of electricity and can be used as the lengths of the wires allow them.

The electric mowers are the best choice for a silent lawn mower. They are don’t pollute the air and produce a low level of noise when used. However, they aren’t advisable for areas with many shrubs and trees. They work fine if they are used on an area of land as big (or lesser than) a quarter of an acre and not more than that.

Best Quiet Lawn Mowers

Things to Consider before Buying Quiet Lawn Mowers

Although a silent lawn mower should have a reasonable lower level of noise, it must also meet some requirements to make it an utterly efficient machine. So to that, here are some of the other requirements.


The range of a lawn mower’s engine (the walk behind) is between 140 cc – 170 cc.[Source] The greater the engine, the higher the power which will be used in cutting tall grasses and performing other activities such as bagging and leaf mulching.

There are different types of engine for mowers. They are the traditional side-halve, the direct overhead-valves etc. The former is the commonest and the oldest; it has its valves on the sides of the engine block. The latter is powerful and the latest, an advancement on the older versions; it shows other benefits such as lower fuel consumption, reduction in noise level, which is excellent, fast rate of mowing etc.

Cutting Width

The cutting deck is the area which a single pass of the blade will cut. A full cutting deck will cover a wider area at a time. This means that if you are working on a large area of lawn, the wider ones will do the job faster than those with a smaller cutting deck.

A bigger deck also means the power consumption will be higher, so a buyer has to find a balance by thinking about what s/he could afford.

Cutting Height

This factor is essential if you care about the job of the mower at the end of trimming.

The Depth adjustment or height adjustment will allow you to cut different glass height and density. Mowers with this function normally will have multiple adjustable deck or levers and suitable for all grass types

Depth adjustment or unique cutting system allows you to adjust mower so that when cutting, the height of the grass is not too low or too high depending on the growth rate of the greens. Some grasses are not tall and cutting them too low can ruin their growth rate.

Zero Emission

This factor concerns lawn mowers that are powered by gas, which emit exhaust and pollute the environment. To avoid this, decide to choose electric mowers and save the environment from pollution.

Some manufacturers of gas-powered mowers consider this factor in developing their products. Getting from these manufacturers will ensure the mower emits a lower amount of pollutant. So check the product or go for electric mowers (they are mostly cheaper).

Noise Level

Depending on the choice of mowers you buy, the level of noise should be bearable. A typical electric lawn mower produces about 75 decibels of noise while a regular gas lawn mowers produce about 95 decibels. This isn’t an accurate generalization, some electric can be louder, and some gas mowers can be lower, but the gas-powered mowers are usually louder than the electric.

To make the right choice, check the noise level in decibel, about 85 decibel is too loud to the human ear.

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Best Quiet Lawn Mowers 2019

You might be wondering how you would get a lawn mower that has all the factors considered in this post. You don’t have to worry. I have taken the time to find the best products on Amazon based on the above factors and others like

✓ Automatic charging: this is the ability of the mower to head back to its charging point by itself when the battery runs low.

✓ Smart blades: the mowers should have sharp and smart blades that would cut grasses in a way you will fall in love with it – trimmed, accurate, and perfect.

So let’s start.

01.GreenWorks 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower

Recommended for both household and commercial use, this is a silent lawn mower that helps does a terrific job of keeping your lawn perfectly manicured. It is an electric lawn mower with amazing features that makes it appealing.Quiet Lawn Mowers

Some of the top-notch features are:

✔ Motor: This machine comes with a strong 12 Amp motor that works quietly.

Cutting range: This machine offers a 7 position height adjustment system. The cutting height ranges from 1-1/2 to 3-3/4 inches for all types of grasses.

✔ Warranty: Users get a whole four-year warranty on the Green Works Mower.

✔ Drive system: The manual drive system that uses a push button start system

✔ Zero emissions: The mower is electric and doesn’t give off pollutants in the form of gas.

✔ Other features: For convenience, the handles are fordable, making it easy to store in a place without the handles being a hindrance. The handle also has seven levels of height adjustment.

You can bring or reduce it to a convenient height and as you please. Also, there is a push button on the lower left side, making it easy for starting the machine.

Note that poor maintenance could harm the machine, making it get faulty quickly. Also, when cutting tall or wet grasses, you shouldn’t rush the machine; then let it dry before you store it.

On some occasions, when you need to clean profoundly or make simple repairs to some parts, you will find it easy to re-couple the parts.

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02. Snapper Electric Cordless Lawnmower

Thanks to the improvement in technology, lawn mowers now come in amazing design and technology. Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric is one of such. It is a high end cordless electric mower that can handle all sort of grasses.Quiet Lawn Mowers

Some of the fantastic features that make it stand out are:

✔ Battery: this silent lawn mower is powered by Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium-ion 2.0Ah battery which allows it to work for 45 minutes

✔ Zero emission: It is easy to start the mower, easy to use on the lawn, and it won’t pollute the environment in the process. It is environmentally friendly because it is electric, doesn’t use gas, and doesn’t give off gas exhaust into the environment. Also, it comes with a large 1.6-bushel bagger, allowing you to clear and pack with ease.

✔ Cutting Heights: With this mower, the user gets to choose between 7 different cutting heights

✔ Cutting style: It comes with a bag with which user can discharge grass clippings easily

✔ Other features: One of the reasons for easy use is the absence of cord, making it easy to manoeuvre without the cord obstructing.

Do you want to store it? Then fold the handle and store it vertically within a smaller space, making it easy and saving some space. Also, you should know that storing it vertically would only take 25 per cent of the area it would take usually.

You might not find the perfect blade replacements on Amazon. However, they are available online. Also, you don’t have to replace the blade all the time. Save cost and re-sharpen it.

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03. Razarsharp Electric Minimower

If you need a tiny lawn mower to handle all your grass cutting needs, look no further, Razarsharp Minimower is the right choice.Best Quiet Lawn Mowers

It prides itself in being the smallest lawn mower available in the market. Even with its small size, it does not fail to deliver excellently.

Some of the amazing features are:

✔  Size: weighing just 29 pounds, it is the lowest in the market.

✔ Cutting Blade: it comes with a unique 2 in 1 steel blade able to handle all your cutting needs. It also packs grass clipping as you mow.

✔ Noise Level: the 14 Amp motor does not make too much noise. It is convenient for use in the home.

✔ Emission: Razarsharp Minimower gives zero emission; hence, it is safe to use

✔ Other features: Like the bigger mowers, it comes with many essential functions. These features I am talking about include safety lever, adjustable handles, height adjustment and a catcher bag at the rear. In case you want to mulch, there is a separate mulching kit which you can attach.

However, the machine is quite small. It isn’t advisable for large lawns. For the same reason, it isn’t recommended for working for long hours, because you won’t cover much space at a go.

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04. American Lawn Mower Company, 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

With this American Lawn Mower Company 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower, mowing will be one of the favourite tasks you will always look forward to. If you fancy a lawn mower that can help you with some mild workout, this is the right choice.Best Quiet Lawn Mowers

It does not run on gas or electricity, relying solely on manpower to operate. It gives an elegant, nice clipping which provides natural fertilization.

Some features specific to the product :

✔ Cutting height: The machine works at an adjustable cutting height of 0.5 to 2.5 inches which gives a clean cut

✔ Blade material: users get a machine made of high-quality heat treated steel. It last longer, with the ability to withstand heavy use.

✔  Low maintenance: Since the machine does not use gas, oil or electricity, maintenance is low hence saving user money in the long run.

✔ Weight: Weighing just about 25 pounds, it is pretty light, easy to move over and push around.

Other features: The handles are long and feel light in hand, like the handles of a kid’s toy bike. With that, it is an exciting exercise to keep your lawn neat and trimmed.

Although the machine relies on the effort of the person behind it, it is quite affordable. Unlike others in the list, it doesn’t use gas or electricity, therefore saving the cost that could come from those.

The bearings and blade need regular lubrication to ensure they are at their sharpest best. Also, that is very normal.

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05. Husqvarna Automower 315, Robotic Lawn Mower

If you need an automaker that you will mow the lawn on its own, with little or no human intervention, Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 is a brand worth considering.Best Quiet Lawn Mowers

It is a high-end robotic lawn mower that will mow, whether you are there or not, in sun or rain, irrespective of the terrain.

Some of the other interesting features of Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 are:

✔ Cutting capacity: Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 works better on the midsized lawn and can handle 1/3 acres comfortably

✔ Slope: Can comfortably navigate narrow passages and works with slopes of up to 40%

✔ Automatic Charging: Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 supports automatic charging as the mower finds its way back to the charging station when it reaches a certain point.

✔ Integrated Home Bluetooth System: This system can be linked to your smartphone via a Bluetooth system. Hence, you can start, stop or park it all via your mobile phone — the Bluetooth communication works within a range of 30 meters.

✔ Low noise: the mower is quiet. The sound level is about 56 dB.

✔ Zero emission: It is environmentally friendly. This is because the mower uses a battery and not gas.

✔ Smart blades: it features a smart technology which allows it to mow in respect to the growth rate of the grasses. Therefore, it will not ruin the growth of the grass.

If you are looking for the quietest lawn mover, this is the one I can recommend.

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Final Thoughts on Best Quiet Lawn Mowers

Also, those are the best quiet Lawnmowers you could get for this year.

In the post, you have found five silent lawn mowers. The list includes a manually operated, three electric and one self-propelled mower. Our top recommendation will be the Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 which you will not have to move an inch of your muscle. However, if you are on a tight budget, our alternative recommendation will be the  American Lawn Mower Company 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

Low noise is an important thing to consider, but it is not the only necessary one. There are more than five other factors, and all have been discussed.

So go, get a silent lawn mower. You have been guided.

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