Does A Spark Arrestor Reduce Noise?

does a spark arrestor reduce noise

Spark arrestor is a helpful device that kills sparks before they make a problem in any equipment. When there is a firework, sparks are common when there is a combination of fuel, fire, and oxygen.

But, does a spark arrestor reduce noise? Yes, spark arrestor reduces noise in any equipment but the effect of sound that you can notice is negligible. A spark arrestor can reduce the sound level of your system and it would be up to 10 dB. However, in some cases, you may not notice any change because some spark arrestors can decrease only 1 dB or 2 dB sound range.

Sparks are most common at welding and soldering the metals. We often see welders that use protection from sparks, however, sparks are not dangerous until they meet any burning materials. If something goes wrong, the consequences could be worse than you imagine.

How far can a spark arrestor (‘arrester’ sometimes) resist the sound that comes from any devices or vehicles, how does it work in compressing the noise? Let’s read further.

Sound through the Spark Arrestor

does a spark arrestor reduce noise

The working of a spark arrestor is easy to understand and that’s how you can read the noise reduction process. A spark arrestor is designed to emit any sparks before they exit. The mesh creates some tiny holes that exhaust the sparks out of the wind. Any sparks or fire particles larger than the holes of the spark arrestor will be stopped.

The fire sparks travel in the form of a Tube or T shape according to the design of the spark arrestor. The tube-type space is a perfect example to explain the sound movement in the spark arrestor.

When the sound waves or signals pass through the tube, the level of sound frequency will gradually decrease once it starts reflecting through the corners of the spark arrestor. The spark arrestor also has tiny holes to catch up the fire sparks but the sound wave will also pass through it (and that’s the sound we hear).

That’s the reason you may not notice any difference in the sound noise levels coming out after attaching the Noise arrester. It would be tough to notice any changes initially, but if you are obsessed with the sound your bike or any equipment makes, you can try spark arrestor.

Users who have tested spark arrestor along with the silencer have noticed a major change in the decrease of sound levels. A rider said that “It’s been a long time since I have used different models of bikes, Spark arrestor is pretty good at decreasing the sound levels even though the invention is made for another purpose”.

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How can a Spark Arrestor reduce the noise?

Sound waves trapped in the spark arrestor find a way to get out. The sound waves that travel and emit depend on the level of sound frequencies and length of the spark arrestor. If the spark arrestor is open at one end, the noise flows at the other end of the spark arrestor. The air molecules and the sparks will flow towards the open end.

Spark arrestors are generally designed with stainless steel with high efficient centrifugal metal. Especially, these are made to reduce the risk of fire caused by the emissions of sparks as you know.

They operate with high velocity and the velocity gives us sound. That’s the reason why the actual sound and the emission sound got mixed up in this spark arrestor.

Does a spark arrestor reduce power?

Probably zero or negligible. Spark arrestor may affect initial acceleration but there is no noticeable power drop to measure. They don’t affect the performance of the bike or any other equipment and so power. The vibration that any engine including bikes makes when accelerating can be controlled a little when a spark arrestor is attached.

It’s true that a spark arrestor will emit the airflow that goes through the exhaust and it will result in the acceleration performance. Many riders remove it but I guess only a few people can notice the actual difference. I suggest you use it on your own.

When we talk about, we should mention the flame arrestor too. The flame arrestor is not like a complete spark arrestor but it does the work it is designed too. Flame arrestor dissipates the heat to get the temperature normal before it mixes up. But the problem is, a flame arrestor produces a lot of noise compared to a spark arrestor. And also, it cannot be a Noise emitter.

Do you need a spark arrestor?

When I was riding a dirt bike, one of my friends suggested that I have to attach a spark arrestor that can fit my dirt bike. I noticed some tiny sparks coming out from the exhaust and obviously the problem could grow faster.

It may affect (very little) the performance of the dirt bike or any other equipment you use, but honestly, I recommend you to attach this spark arrestor on your bikes, chimney, or wherever it is required. Better to stay safe than being late to notice the sparks that can make destruction in horrible circumstances.

Do not mind even the performance and acceleration sound may affect. Unlike a regular rider, most of us do not even know what’s the difference between the acceleration sound and noise. Spark arrestors are small, and cheap on Amazon and you are good to use them.

The U.S is the only country that dirt bike riders have to use Spark arrestor, people from Canada, Australia don’t have spark arrestors laws even they have the manufacturing industries.

Is a muffler a spark arrestor?

Mufflers are invented to reduce the noise generated by the engine. They can be good spark arrestors if the spark arrestors we are using are the same as we use in chimneys. But Mufflers have unique designs that can’t be a good spark arrestor.

Mufflers are used to disperse the sound created by the engine’s heart. The spark arrestor’s function is to eliminate the fire sparks while the muffler’s intention is to reduce the noise coming from the exhaust system. Even though functionalities are different, spark arrestors can match a little percentage in eliminating the sound compared to the muffler but mufflers can’t take the position of Spark arrestors.

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Generally, Spark arrestors used in different applications. Perhaps, it would be confusing If we started to tell you all about Spark arrestors and the applications. So here is one of the best Spark Arrestor from Amazon that can be used in exhaust systems.

This spark arrestor is a great noise reduction tool. A spark arrestor can be a good noise reduction tool depending on the application you are using. Most of the industrial appliances that use Spark arrestors not only to control fire sparks but also to reduce the noise that equipment makes.

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