6 Best Quiet Portable Blenders – Which One Should You Get?

It is safe to say that in the past few decades, portable blenders have become a trend. With the advent of health and fitness lifestyles becoming popular, so have these convenient gadgets that help not only nourish our thirst by making ourselves some sustainable juices and smoothies on the go, but also adding both vitamins and minerals to our system to help keep our immune systems in check. Of course, you will want to find one that is quiet to use anywhere and convenient to carry it with us wherever we go

The idea of portable or wireless has made our lives a lot easier. These blenders below are no different, we have chosen 6 of the best quiet portable blenders on the market that we think would fit any healthy lifestyle and would not disturb anyone when you are doing blending in public.

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1. Tribest PBG-5001-A Glass Blender 

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful gadget to fit into your daily life and make it a tad bit easier, this blender would be an ideal option. Not only does it take inside of 5 seconds to clean.

But with an elegant design and a beautiful color to match, it is easy to put-together and has a hassle-free and quiet operation. No need to worry about disturbing the rest of the household, as this can be used anytime of the day or night without anyone knowing.

Are you an environmental buff? Then this plastic-free blender will accompany your choices. The only thing that is not glass, are the stainless-steel blades that come with it, that do all the chopping for you, so you don’t need to. The rest of it is made with BPA-contaminant-free glass for clean living.

We don’t do plastic in this house. The powerful 120V TVP-1050 quiet vacuum pump technology ensured a noise-free operation at any time of the day or night.

Blending couldn’t be easier with this one-touch device. Anyone could do it – you and your family (if they are not underage) and you can lend it to your neighbor to try it out so they buy it too. Things it can do accurately and quickly are: squeeze out the juice from citrus, leaving only one peel, blending, and combining of different ingredients to make a delicious juice or puree some veggies for baby food.

Portable and versatile enough to take on your outdoor adventures while camping, fishing and other fun things. It is FDA approved which means it is made to give you a 100% satisfactory service and comes with a 5-year warranty.

2. NutriBullet Balance, Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender

We would be lying if we didn’t say – we LOVE this one! And so, do millions of other households. NutriBullet has become so famous, so fast its driving tech-nerds and consumers raving mad – in a good way of course! If you want something powerful, and quiet at the same time, this would do it.

We can’t deny how nice the compact design is either. If you like branded clothing, you will like this appliance – its modern and popular and will fit in well with the crowd.

Now that we’ve given it a personality, let’s move onto what it can do for us. Even though this innovative kitchen technology runs a 1200 watts motor it is significantly quieter than other models. Blend your strawberries, pineapples and even your nuts without making a sound.

Smart technology has taken over every facet of our lives and it will now take over yours too. NutriBullet Balance has the technology to connect to your phone or smart device to Google Play or Apple Store where the NutriBullet platform provides a world of adventure presented with 100’s of different healthy recipes with step-by-step guides on how to prepare each one  PLUS it calculates the exact nutritional value of your smoothie while doing it! What more could you ask for when tracking all your (and your family’s) nutritional goals?

Did we tell you that it can also track your inventory and customize your shopping list? Yes, it can. Everyone that has one has rated this one with 5 stars.

You get it all in one quaint package. But it before the weekend and play with it. The package includes 2 colossal cups, 1 Extractor blade, 2 flip-top to-go lids, 2 lip rings, and 1 user guide & manual. It is a simple, portable, and useful piece of equipment.

3. Ninja Blender BL494 Food Processor System

Don’t be surprised if you get addicted to this blender and food processor. When the Ninja Auto-iQ kitchen system was invented they targeted people who want a quick cook time in the kitchen, in and out, with no hassles of chopping or cutting each individual onion or tomato yourself.

This gadget with built-in Auto-iQ boost can truly customize your blending and drink-making experience. It is by far quieter than most household blenders and buyers reviews can vouch for that.

If you like your fruits and veggies blended to a pulp into a smoothie for on-the -go nutrition, using this will give you just that. Pop in a few apples, strawberries, and a dollop of ice-cream and give it a go. You will want more. Powerful enough to break down full fruits and vegetables for a refreshing and full-bodied nutrient juice, smoothie, or fruit cocktail of any density.

On a hot summers day when you want a cocktail with crushed ice, reach for this blender to make your dreams come true. The powerful yet quiet blades crush through frozen ingredients and ice in one sweep of the blade, presenting you with the joy of a cold drink in your hands right when you want it.

Having a party? 72 Oz. container is your best-friend. No more waiting to manually grind and squash lemons and citruses, pop them inside the container, push the button and voila! A fresh Margherita or a healthy Vitamin C packed orange juice with crushed ice at your service.

The package includes the 72 Oz. Blender pitcher, 40 oz. A Blend & prep bowl, chopping blade, dough blade, (2) 24 oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja cups, Pro Extractor blades assembly, with 2 seal lids plus the instruction booklet and a 30-Recipe inspiration guide.  What more could you ask for? 

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4. Modern Comfort BlenderX Cordless Travel Blender 

We all love a bit of travelling now and then. And sometimes when we’re out in the woods on a hot summers evening and craving a nice chilled glass of ice tea or an orange juice with crushed ice, and there is no hotel or restaurant in sight, it can sink your stomach. But not anymore! We have the perfect solution for EVERYONE.

You couldn’t ask for a better and helpful friend while you’re out and about. Simply put it in your rug sack or purse, bag. It is a mini-sized portable blender, perfect for all your daily uses both personal and professional.

This blender was the winner of the BEST PORTABLE BLENDER 2020 BY CUISINEBANK.COM.

When you need to crush Ice Cubes and chunks of frozen vegetables and fruits with ease, this will help you out. The convenience of taking it with you means that it can be charged using any USB device. Generally quick and one of the quiet ones, unless you are blending crushed ice, then it could be slightly louder than the average appliance.

You do not need to worry about it dying on your trip, as it has a long-life battery compared to other travel and portable models (battery is patent pending).

The buyer who has purchased this item has vouched for its endless uses and perfect convenience with all in one. Going camping or fishing trip or just in your backyard barbeque? Do you need a way to blend your baby’s food? No need to worry about these things when you have the BlenderX.

To sum it up, it comes with a waterproof bag to store it in and a shoulder strap to carry it easily. Did we mention it was FDA approved and BPA free with a convenient measurement & easy on-the-go travel lid? This one is a winner in our books too!

5. Nutri Ninja Blender BL580 with FreshVac Technology

Do you sometimes get frustrated when you’re making a lovely gourmet meal and having blended your sauces you find air bubbles in them? Instead of a smooth pudding you have one with holes in it?

Well, not anymore! With this model of the Nutri Ninja you get the innovation of FreshVac Technology. FRESHVAC removes any air build up inside the blender before you start smoothing your ingredients for a hassle-free blending experience, no more air-bubbles or pot holes in your baking or meals.

This an intelligently designed program that combines uniquely timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do all the work for you, so you do not need to.

If you have a large kitchen or working area, no need to get an extension cord because this comes with a cord that is 2.8 feet and the powerful yet low-noise efficiency of 1100 Watts of motor. Not only is it quiet, but it is also one high-tech piece of equipment. You can’t go wrong with this unit.

The package Includes x2 24 oz. Single-Serve FreshVac Cups with Spout Lids for on-the-go convenience.

6. Golds Gym 300 Watt Power Blender

If you like going to the gym or health center and often wonder how you can make your experience even better and bring more joy to your workouts, take the gym-buddy with you. This piece of equipment will not fail you, unlike some gym machines that run out of steam.

Use it before your quick dash out the door to make that protein shake or ultimate smoothie for both your pre and post workouts. Once your door making your energy drink, just separate it from its motor, put a cap on it and take it with you. It is portable, easy to use and on-the go-popular!

Users have given this appliance a high start rating on major review websites, and has also been reviewed users of all ages and countries. Because it is super quiet, convenient, and simple you do not need to worry about making a racket for anyone else. Plus, it is easy to clean, just add one drop of washing liquid, following with some water and blend it for 30-60 seconds. Rinse when done.

Your options are endless with this unit, you can make nutritious single-portion shakes, smoothies, juice blends, and much more. The combination of a Stainless steel 6- Blade mechanism and a powerful 300w high torque motor is made to crush tough substances such as ice and pulverizes your whole fruits and vegetables into juice and even blends other additives with ease at speeds up to 20,000 RPM while retaining nutrition values.

To keep it environmentally and personally safe, it is BPA Free and Dishwasher safe. Plus, the Tritan cup is tough and scratch-resistant and does not discolour with frequent use

Drumrolls on Best Quiet Portable Blenders

After what we have researched so far, this is really a tough pick to recommend the best of the rest. However, if we were to drill down into something that is lightweight portability with long battery life, quiet use and cost less than a fraction of the big brands’ blenders, our best recommendation would be the Modern Comfort BlenderX Cordless Travel Blender

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